What is necessary to be a good front-end developer?

I´m learning programmation since last 2020. I´d like some tips to improve my studies and learn faster.

ps: Answer the question in the tittle too.

Are you doing the FCC program? That gives you the nice basis of a full stack. After that, just keep learning new things and building new things. I think the rest takes care of itself.

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Yes, i am. Thanks, I really needed an opinion from a more experienced person in the field.

You’ve just got to put in the work. There’s no shortcuts. Work steadily. Work consistently. Stay curious.


Yeah, to add onto the great “stay curious” advice, more than just coding, do some research. Check out some podcasts and blog articles. Get steeped in the culture. You can learn a lot from what other people have figured out.

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Hi @Lu1z-Gust4v0!

Welcome to the forum!

I am also a beginner and I love to read, and listen to various resources on programming.

Here are some helpful links to get you started.

Good luck!

To add to this one. If you think you can’t get any further in a specific topic or to your carreer goal. Make a stop and start another course for some time than switch back. At least that helped me get further and keep frustration at bay.

Hey there @LivingCode! One thing that’s always helped me visualize the tools I need are some roadmaps found on the FCC publication!

Here’s some links:

my advice

  • find a place to learn and stick with it, adding smaller resources such as developer documentation websites such as the MDN and others to help you along the way.
  • Go on forums to help others and get feedback on projects, it really helps to help others to jog your memory and turn in your projects for feedback to see where you can improve. FCC forums are a good start and eventually you might join others on reddit, stack overflow, or others.

  • Make sure you build projects, watching tutorials are great but the greatest teacher of all is building, so make sure you apply the knowledge you recieve from courses by building, reverse-engineering, and eventually churning out a complete webpage, web app, or any other product that you can be proud of. Even if the website doesn’t look so great it’s a start, and you need that start to be able to truly learn.

Hope this helped! :smile: