What is next for me now?

I have been studying 5 hours in a day more than 2 months, also getting 18 hours course weekly. I have learnt css-html-js so far.
How am I suppose to study ?
What is next now?
How can I handle Objects?
I forget past topics, how can i keep my mind fresh?

What curriculum did you pursue ?
In short, I would advise to start with some basic cs course on algorithmics, data structures (I would advise to see some free university course on youtube on those topics) and then start going on the FCC challenges.
Keep in your mind that the programming language is not the most important thing. Programming language comes and goes. The CS theory is (at least for me) is the fundamental thing that you should try to master first.

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Well you remember stuff by both making projects and saving them for later reference - and ofcourse while making stuff also saving whatever useful resource you come across.

If you don’t have personal projects to proceed, you will always end up forgetting stuff. Which is not the worst, because once you understood how things work, it’s much easier to get back into it.

But yeah, what’s next for you also depends on what you want to do.

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