What is PHP Codeing

I am writing a blog using WordPress platform . Maximum of plugins are in PHP coding. So, how can I learn PHP coding. I have joined this forum for this purpose. Can someone tell me about the code. How can I start as beginner.

the freeCodeCamp curriculum doesn’t include PHP

but you can find people that can help you here in the forum if you ever get stuck.

Also, you can find some video courses on the Free Code Camp youtube channel, for example this one:

there is this website that seems just to learn php: https://www.learn-php.org/

coursera also have some courses on php, from top universities around the world: https://www.coursera.org/courses?query=php

@shahabalikhattak, (PHP itself is a big platform, I am writing based on your topic only)
Learning PHP is not necessary for making WordPress sites, all you can manage and develop it by using plugin. To make WordPress and Plugins you require learning PHP. I don’t your full purpose of learning PHP but it it’s only for your blog or running another site, I would suggest learn to manage WordPress, different uses of plugins for different purpose, WordPress site security, WordPress site builder etc.

Now, come to your point, want to learn PHP?
download and install xampp on your machine from here
then follow the easy coding practice of Learn PHP: W3schools.
Before this, you need the setup details, for this, you can search for ‘How To Install and setup xampp on local machine’ something like this and after finishing the setup, you search for learning PHP online for beginners etc.
You will get a lot of video/text tutorial, and then you can practice it on your own machine.
Remember, until you make it on your own machine, you won’t get the clear concept of your learning. Hope, this will help you.

Thank you.

Sir Thanks for your detail reply, I am going to install xampp. Your answer is very helpful for me. thanks again

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