What is print, came all of sudden

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I am on the lesson of keyword const. I am trying to run the code as per instruction and hints but end up with error. I’m changing console.log to print.

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const FCC = "freeCodeCamp"; // Change this line
let fact = "is cool!"; // Change this line
fact = "is awesome!";
print (FCC, fact); // Change this line

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Challenge: Declare a Read-Only Variable with the const Keyword

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Hi @pk018146 !

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You are receiving errors because print is not defined here

You don’t need to change it to print.
Use console.log

I think you are referring to this part of the directions and that is where the confusion is coming in
console.log should be changed to print the FCC and fact variables.

The way console.log works is that it outputs a message to the console.
It is primarily used for debugging purposes to see what your code is doing.
That is what they mean by print results to the console.

Hopefully that is clearer now

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