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Hello everybody. I wish you all good health. I have a question for you, what is coding and what you need to learn, I don’t know them exactly. I enter the tutorial pages, they tell about the class topics, there is no further. So what is programming and what topics does it cover? Thanks…

Try checking this article, it is an introduction to what programming is

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Computer programming is telling computers what to do. Code is the language we use to tell computers what to do.

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Is very good as an explanation for the layman

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Perhaps it’s pointless to add to the already excellent answers, but since I have a few minutes…

Humans speak a language and have a way of thinking. Computers have a language (of 1s and 0s) and a very different way of thinking. These two are incompatible Computer programming is teaching humans to think like a computer and to write instructions in a human-like meta language that can be translated into the 1s and 0s that a computer will understand.

Thank you all. yes you are right but what I want to tell you is something else. What should someone who wants to learn programming learn? So is there anything to learn after classes? Do we do everything with these codes. Thank you…

Every programming language can be used to build scripts and/or software - where are you starting from? Do you know some programming language? Are you interested in something in particular?

I want to learn javascript. actually i have some knowledge but what do i need to finish to make a project. Can you suggest me a course?? when i finish that course i want to say i know javascript from start to finish :). Thanks…

There is not a course that will be able to make you know JS from start to finish, but I suggest the freeCodeCamp curriculum at https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn

So, what do you mean. Isn’t there a course from start to finish? What do you mean by an from start to end course?

A course will give you enough knowledge to start, but a programming language is a massive thing , and if you want to build a program it requires much more than just a programming language, so no, you can’t learn everything from a single course

No, because the “finish” is something that can constantly change and even more important - is something you don’t need to know.

JavaScript especially is the language of the internet and thus comes with dozens of frameworks and libraries that help make certain tasks easier, more comprehensive, offer additional features and so on… each framework coming with it’s own functions and code that extends base JS capabilities. So it’s not really something you are ever “finished” learning.

Then there are tons of advanced concepts that no course will cover because it’s to complicated to learn, unless you find yourself in a very specific situation to need it.

There is already some great advice here. My $.02 and to reinforce…

What should someone who wants to learn programming learn?

Find a programming course and do it.

So is there anything to learn after classes?

Yes, a lot. It’s like if you want to be a piano player and you take piano lessons. After you do a year of piano lessons? Is there more to learn? Of course. After 20 years of piano lessons there is still more to learn. When 93 year old cellist, Pablo Casals was asked why he still practices 3 hours a day (at age 93!!!), he replied, “I’m beginning to notice some improvement …” Some things you never stop learning.

Plus, programming keeps changing, languages slowly evolve. And libraries/frameworks slowly evolve and new ones are made every day. I don’t say this to scare you - this is part of the fun of coding.

Do we do everything with these codes. Thank you…

I’m not sure I understand. Are you asking if you need other languages? There are web jobs that only need HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (and associated libraries, etc.) Many job require more. But once you learn a few languages, the rest are a lot easier - don’t worry about it.

I want to learn javascript. actually i have some knowledge but what do i need to finish to make a project.

I think it is better to learn JS because you want to learn it. I’m not a big fan of “I just need to learn enough to do this project”. But that’s up to you.

Can you suggest me a course??

We have course. If you look in the upper left of the screen, you will see the “Visit the Curriculum” button. Or use the link that ilenia provided.

Isn’t there a course from start to finish?

Is there a course that teaches every word in Italian? No, you take a basic course, then an intermediate course, then some advanced courses. Then you get a lot of practice speaking and reading books. You continue learning for decades, for the rest of your life even. Computer languages are like that. But that’s OK, you don’t have to learn everything. You need to learn the basics well enough that you can look up what you need.

So, no, there is no “start to finish” course. If something like that did exist, I would expect it to last 10,000 hours. But it doesn’t exist. And that’s OK, because you don’t need that anyway.

Thank you. I got the information because of what you said. Can you draw a road map for me to come to the level of self-learning? Is the freecodecamp.com curriculum sufficient for this… Thank you…

You can use the freecodecamp curriculum as a road ma, it explores a lot of topics

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Thank you so much ilenia

What is Programming language: Computers are Programmed by means of Programming languages. In the pair of words “Programming” is the commanding tool used to communicate with the computer, just like English, Telugu, Hindi etc…are used for communication between two persons. The languages like C, Pascal, and java are used for communication between programmer and computer. Programming is writing a
sequence of steps and instructions to perform the desired task.Programming/Coding is a Process of preparing a set of sequences of instructions.

There are many programming languages, Some are more popular in specific domains
areas and some are very widely used in other domain areas.

Thank you so much my bro

computer programing are what to do.

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