What is Python For?

I want to learn this language but I do not understand what is it for can someone explain?

It’s a computer language so in a sense, like all computer languages, it is for telling a computer how to do something.

In a broader sense, Python is commonly used for data science, machine learning, artificial development. With a library it can be used to make web servers. I think it can be used for game and mobile development too.

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I think Python is used for making your dreams come true. You can put your code into the world and it can do what you want it to do. I know Python is used for Web-development with frameworks such as Flask/Django/Pyramid. It’s also really used in data analysis, data engineering and data science. People also use it in robotics and automation.
I’ve used it professionally for data engineering and process automation.


Python is a very popular language known to be especially useful in data science even though it is cable of doing many different things. My first programming language was Java Script and when I switched to coding in python I found the syntax to be much more efficient allowing programs to be created in much less time then other languages. The downside to this simple syntax is it creates a very slow and highly memory dependent program when compared with faster languages like C++. If you begin to learn JavaScript and C++ first learning to code in Python will seem easy. But when you want to reach scalability with projects you may consider wanting to use a faster more efficient language like C++. Writing programs in python is easy and a lot of fun.
Best of luck

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