What is quality design means in website


When you see a website I think that is first look can see that a website is have something unique or looks to generic like bootstrap starter pages. A simple menu and that bootstrap looks like sites whats call bored.

So what is need to make something unique?


Why do you think a site made with Bootstrap is “bored” ?

I look at functionality over style.

Too generic.

Like anybody can copy a starter template and edit it. Its looks functional but looks so generic. All business want be unique like a brand. Not same like websites.

Make your own CSS then. Nothing stopping you. It will just take a bit longer.

Yes! That is ask about. With own CSS not copy paste is sure the layout will be more unique because write in cide also the personallity for a person. Like how to code style etc.

You can mix Bootstrap and custom CSS.
It’s really up to the designer whether they accept BS defaults or not.

owel you not think that bootstrap dropdown style is too bored? Like on all websites have that only not for big companies they have money to pay someone who make great.


If you think it looks boring, then either modify the relevant Bootstrap classes with your own classes or start from scratch with your own CSS. Either way, you are going to have to understand the CSS necessary to create what you want it to look like.

I not mean that the CSS is bored for that nav. The bored thing is that how it works the function writed in javascript. This is same on many sites. So i know that a web dev not really can do something unique with navbar because they need fit the navbar dropdown style. So the javascript side is bored. Is a dropdown is bored or not like that three lines is so bored. I think that was made because in responsive mode not idea what to do with the navbar content. So just try something new idea how to make another way.

I can not tell if you are asking a question or just stating your opinions. If you have a specific question on how to do something in CSS or JavaScript, then describe what you want to do, show us what code you have tried to make it work, and then describe any issues/problems you are experiencing.

Yes. Start the post about pepoles how to think about navigation. To share ideas because in my opinion the current navigations is bored. Like boostrap framework one is that. And its all do the too generic thing.

Will post later an issue about navbar thanks

Well, you’re the web developer/designer, you don’t have to accept everything at face value.
If you want something more unique, write the custom CSS/JS for it.

Here’s my Bootstrap 3-based site, with a sliding right side-menu. And within each menu item, it slides up or down to open up a sub-panel for submenu items.

So just try something new idea how to make another way.

The truth of the matter is users have been accustomed to some UI/UX design conventions. So your menu either slides from the left, or from the right, or from the top. That’s what users “expect” and know.

If you make the site hard to use due to some unconventional navigation, just for the sake of being different, then you risk losing users.

In design, you want to be different, but not too different. And certain UI/UX conventions, you have to accept.

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You are right so I think about still what fit UI and UX things. Can you tell url to ur site?

Try out CSS. I think you will be able to develop unique features for your website!

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