What is recomended if I want to learn more jQuery

I have finished the jQuery lessons and am interested in learning more jQuery specifically. What is a recomended next step, either within the FCC platform or other.


Hmm. Browsing the FCC youtube channel I came across this:

So now I’m not even sure if I should be learning jQuery. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

if you want to learn more jQuery, open jQuery documentation, and make a project

Are you referring to this website?

more this https://api.jquery.com/
but yeah

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Thanks! I guess I didn’t understand what API meant in this case.

As far as projects, I guess I was wondering if there were places with recommended projects?

you can do those at the end of the fcc certification - you can do them with jQuery, though consider that you should use React to build those you will actually submit

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The book Javascript & jquery by Jon duckett is first class, highly visual with nice designs/layouts… Runs through jquery best practice and building common website components using jquery.

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Thanks! I’ll check it out.

I somehow discovered this site and am finding it really useful:

I’m also using codewars.com and finding it really fun/helpful. Especially because you get to see all the alternative ways people have solved the challenges.

Depends entirely on the project, if you’re only writing a couple hundred lines of js then jquery is far far easier to setup and work with than a framework like react angular or Vue.

The projects in the fcc curriculum frontend libraries certificate aren’t particularly componentised or suited for single page frameworks like react imo. The ‘jquery is dead’ thing is just a tired cliché to be honest… Different tools are suitable for different jobs.

I would definitely learn one of vue angular or React though as they’re important to know in case you land in a job that uses them.

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