What is required beside alogrithm to learn?

hi every one
after learning a programming (python,c) and some of HTML.CSS and by doing small projects
i reached good point but my concern is , what i need more than logarithm what else i need ?
this question raised after writing many code lines after that appears as NET very difficult to develop or debug (this is repeated issue for me)
i need list of skills or concepts need to be learned please listed below

The algorithms or any other kind of subject that needs understanding and mastery. There are no shortcuts to study it easily. So there might be things that work good for you than other things. Some learn better from teaching by lectures than reading and some learn better way from doing than reading. But these are things you need to know well for yourself. Sure that no one can tell you how best to learn something.

I like to consult this developer roadmap when I want to learn something new.

It’s a broad overview of the skills and knowledge that is required or at least recommended when pursuing a web developer career.

However I don’t think it has anything on there regarding C# or .NET

thank you all for replay to me i will check the point introduced here,

best regards