What is required to get the first data with Java?

Hi, what should I learn in java for the first time and what should I know? And after learning these things, what projects should I do and etc … Web, desktop, android applications? and for web applications which framework would be more useful.

For me it was building desktop apps with javaFX/swing using Eclipse or Netbeans. Then I moved to learning Spring boot (web dev) with IntelliJ or VSCode. Another alternative is to make some quick scripts to work with the file system or consume APIs like for example sending emails or reading data from a text file and processing it.

Android is also nice to learn.

That’s how I got my current job. But I was already employed there as one of the technical writers but they knew that developing was a path I was interested in and then something opened up.
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If you are interested in programming, As per my opinion learn Java first because it helps you to understand the inner workings of programming as well. After learning java you can go for Android development, Advanced java, Web service app development etc.