What is the best lenguage to learn in the tech enviorement? (English, Spanish , German, etc)

English would be in the first place , but after that what lenguages could be more beneficial for me and my job

It would be great if you could give the reasons why those lenguages are the best for learn and the benefits that I could get If I learn them and what would be the benefits for me

I’m new in this tech enviorement , but I prevouisly thought that may be german or chinese would be great lenguages for learn in the tech enviorement because I’m native in spanish so I’ll just jump into it and learn those lenguages

English would be my first preference because of following reasons:

  1. Most tech’s documentation is in english and finding help to your specific programming problems is easy in english across many forums on the web.
  2. You might need to work with people from different parts of the world, so english is understood by many.

Native languages come in handy only when you communicate with the local people.

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I would focus on English if I were you. As you may know, all of the coding languages are in English. So whether you want to or not, there is no way of avoiding it. If you want to succeed in tech environment, work on your English first and foremost. There are several extensions that could help you with spelling.

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Maybe I’m not understanding the question…

As said, English is almost a lingua franca in the coding world. Based on your post, it seems like you have very good English, I’m guessing good enough for a developer job. Most of these places won’t care if you can read Shakespeare - they just want you to be able to have a conversation and send intelligible emails.

As to learning another language… why? The only reason I could think of learning another language is if you really, really, really want to work in that country. If you have a life long dream to move to Sweden, then learning Swedish would be good. Even if you get a job in company in Stockholm, and even if the company does business in English (fairly common), knowing some Swedish would be good.

But barring that, I don’t see what advantage there would be to learning another (human) language. If you want to for fun, go for it - but in terms of professional development, unless you have some goal that involves a specific country, you’d probably be better off spending your time developing your coding skills.

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