What is the best projects that a full-time freelancer need to your portfolio?

Hi everyone, before all i’m no native english speaker, so sorry if i digit wrong some words.

Ok, actually i know front and back end in javaScript and Firebase and i will start to make my portfolio with projects to show to my future clients, but i don’t know what is the best projects to put in a portfolio to show in my UpWork profille.

Any tips?

thanks in advance

@danilo.costa25932593 The Very Very best project to put on your portfolio is the project of your client. Trust me I was as a freelancer once. I served more than 10 clients. All gave me 5 /5 stars on freelancer.com but now I have closed my account in order to start my own business.
My technique 100% working and tested.

  1. I search for a project with my skills and start working on it before they hire me and even before start bidding. After completing the project I put it in my portfolio and in the bidding I say to the client “Hi Sir I have worked on your project and added it to my portfolio please do check my portfolio.” Now what I do I wait for the client to see my work and accept me to work. We saved their time of project completion by submitting the work before time. Now what they do is they tell you about some changes if needed and after completion they give you 5/5 stars for quickly submitting their project.

  2. If client reject my bid I’ll consider it as practice. You know it is very exiting to practice on real world problems.

  3. And Very important be quick to finish at least a sample project before others bid. And before bid count is less than 8.

  4. I always bid on projects which has bid count less than 8 or 9.

  5. Most of the time I bid for low price. But you can increase your service charge after you get lots of ratings and good reviews.


Thanks for your tips.

and I didn’t know this site, i was going to use only UpWork, but now i will see this.

And about the first tip, man, IT’S AWESOME!

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