What is the best road map to become Mern Stack developer Asap?

Hye! I know c++ and have studied courses like data structure, object-oriented etc in my University. Now I am looking forward to becoming mern stack developer. Here is a road map is given by a senior of mine:

  1. JS Fundamentals
  2. Data structures and algorithms with JS
  3. HTML and CSS basic Knowledge
  4. React.JS Introduction
  5. Express.JS Introduction
  6. Form-based communication (front to back)
  7. Authentication with Firebase
  8. Firestore on express server
  9. integrate with MongoDB
  10. Get started with Material UI for better base blocks of React pre-built components.
  11. Websockets communication

Is this the correct road map for my goal? Or is there anything that needs to be modified in it? Thanks!

Hi @codify110 !

Welcome to the forum!

That looks like a pretty healthy roadmap to me.

You can learn all of that with the first six certifications of FCC.

And since you already have been studying C++ then the early javascript fundamentals should be pretty easy for you.

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