What is the best udemy course in 2018?

What is the best Udemy Courses for web developer now in July 2018 for you?

One of my favorites is Brad Schiff’s “Git a Web Developer Job: Mastering the Modern Workflow”. It really helped me understand things like Git, GitHub, NPM, WebPack, Gulp, and a bunch of other VERY useful tools for making front end development easier. I’m in love with the B.E.M. philosophy of naming conventions.

The Web Developer Bootcamp continues to be the top web development course on Udemy.
Some of the content needs to be updated, but the community is thriving and the support team is active on a daily basis to help with all student questions.
See here for a recent student success story.



I personally used the “Laravel 5.4 from scratch” series by the guys at Laracasts where they cover all the basics of Laravel or authentication, relationships etc. I’d highly recommend checking it out for anybody who wants to learn Laravel

Jeffrey Way is a great teacher! That sounds like a great course to take :slight_smile:

Yeah it sound like a nice course to get…

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass by Colt Steele


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This one sounds very interesting. Have you done this course?, if so, is it different than the FFC Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures section? What I mean by different is that if this course covers a lot of more new concepts.

I haven’t finished the Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures section yet as I’m still missing the last 3 section (Functional programming, Intermediate Algorithms and the projects), do you think I should take that course or finish the FFC section?

It is hard to tell, it really depends on what specific skills you want to learn. For example, I wanted to learn Node.js and I did Mosh Hamedani Node course and it was absolutely amazing, I learned all the basic stuff and he even covered things like Unit Testing and Test Driven Development, I can’t recommend this course enough.

But if you want to learn, say, advanced CSS and Sass, then I believe Jonas course is probably the best, and equally good to Mosh Node course.

Im about halfway through the course…I was cramming for a job interview at the time I got it and it saved me from looking like I was clueless :slight_smile: Definitely finish the FCC courses first, it lays down the foundation you’ll need. This course takes things a step further and is more complex.

Like, for my cram session, I found out that I will likely be asked questions about traversing a binary search trees, hashes…and since then, Ive learned that while most front end jobs wont be so cs heavy, its still pretty common for them to expect you to know how to traverse the dom.

Anyway! The point really is just that this is an amazing course, but as a next step after you’ve completed all the JS challenges and have the fundamentals down. Also, so far, I’ve only interviewed at major tech companies, not sure if thats good luck or bad luck lol no idea if smaller / the average company will expect a front end dev to know cs concepts. But, I will say, knowing it will not only make you a better developer, but also put you on a more even playing field with those who learned these things in college. Its expected of them to know this stuff…but as a self learner, it will be impressive if you know it.


That’s good to know, I’ve always known that algorithms are super important but I’ve been focused learning some technologies that I was lacking. I am going to try to dedicate some time everyday to the algorithms challenges now that I don’t feel in a rush anymore.

Some of the chapters in the FFC Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures section lack information, like Object Oriented Programming, but luckily I did a course on udemy about this topic and I was able to follow along the whole chapter easily. That’s why I was curious if the course that you mentioned cover things that some of the chapters in the curriculum don’t cover in great depth.

But yeah, I think I’ll take that course, as someone who is self-taught I am definitely in need to build a CS foundation.

Yup, it sure does…there is some information about Big O on FCC, but not directly in the curriculum. I brought it up and with help to flesh it out into a course it can be brought into the curriculum. I get it, but not sure Im at the level where I can teach it. But if I reach that point and its still not up, I’d really like to see what I can do.

But yeah, this course does dive pretty deep…Big O, Data structures, the major sorting algos, etc… he explains it all in a really easy to understand way.