What is the best way (explanation, excercise or resource) to wrap your head around data bases and data structures for your apps and sites?

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FCC’s forum is awesome! Hey one of the main things I struggle with when trying to understand how to build an app is how to manage all the data that the app will receive, process, produce, store and retrieve.

I have not find an explanation that helps any newbie to the subject to understand the topic clearly at least on the high level, on the big picture. On the other hand there is many more specific questions I have, such as how do you implement the use of a data base in your code? How does it look like? Where does it go? Does it go in the head of the page? Inside the javascript?

So if you are new to working with databases you might check out http://sqlzoo.net/.
You don’t need to be an expert at SQL (your web app might not even use SQL).

You might access someone else’s database using javascript with the API they provide. FCC has a section dealing with this in the map.

If you create your own data driven website you will use a framework like Ruby, or Django or Express etc. and the framework will have its own method of dealing with the database. It will abstract away some of the complexities you learn from the link above or even use a different kind of database.


If it is about modelling a database try this tutorial :


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Thanks I’ll check it out. Sorry I didn’t see this before.