What is the best way to be a geek in algorithms and Data structures?

Recently, am more focused in solving Algorithms what I find doing the whole time is looping twice or once… for i and j… but even though am doing it… I don’t even get what that is hahaha lol… please guide me to the right way of doing this… and understanding it more.

practice practice practice practice

there is no other secret

if you have finished the sections in the JavaScript certificate there is the Interview Prep section, and websites like codewars, that are an algorithm after the other

to get better, other than practice, you need to learn to see what happens in your code, manually with pen and paper walking trough the steps of the algorithms, with tool like http://pythontutor.com/javascript.html#mode=edit and with the console (console.log() and friends)


thank you sweetheart

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