What is the best way to video tutorial code-a-long?

I am trying to get an idea of how others learn from video tutorials. Do you watch the video then try and code after using it for reference later? Or, do you code-a-long with the video while its playing, maybe pausing here and there to catch up?

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I generally find that video tutorials do not help me since they give me something to copy instead of something to think about.


Do you pair FCC with a video course or book then? What worked best for you on your coding journey?

I started out with homework much like the FCC challenges. I then went on to make larger projects and Google questions and ask for help when I hit trouble.

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I usually only watch 2 types of “coding” videos

  1. short concise overview type of videos going over a subject I don’t know much about, or what to know more about.
  2. Longer more in-depth overviews of a subject, IE conference talks

I don’t usually watch videos “to learn X”, or “code along” videos. I’d rather read the docs on “getting started” and getting my hands dirty as early and quickly as possible.

I find with videos I get too easily distracted, or forget the concepts way to fast. If something requires my undivided attention it should be the actual problems I’d face using the technology rather than watching someone go flawlessly through something and trying to mimic them later.

I usually say the best teacher is failure, and you just miss out on “failing” by following along, or if you do end up finding problems with during your “code-along” the video wont help you and you can get flustered. If you started yourself and had the intent if seeking out those paint points you can have a totally different reaction to the same problem.

So yea, I don’t watch video tutorials much, and if I do they need to be short, quick and to the point, and I immediately go apply what I learned on my own, or I’ll forget.

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It’s all up to video plateform you’re using.

In general, you pause the video and try to implement. Using scrimba plateform, you can easily code a long.


@bradtaniguchi I appreciate your direction, it helped me settle my frustrations with trying to code with the video. Its not working, so I’m glad to hear your response.

Usually long coding videos are divided into parts example : FCC Django tutorial
I first complete a single part understand it and then code ,if I’m missing something I watch that part again