What is the code to put a picture next to an unordered list?

I would like a picture to stand on the right side next to a full unordered list. What are the codes for all that?

And if possible, since I’m putting that unordered list and picture within a background, is there a code to place that picture on the right side and have it centered?

I would suggest building something or trying to make it yourself on a Codepen first. It is easier to give/get help when there is already something to go off of, and who knows, you may be able to solve it for yourself.

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Hey. Did you try something already? If so, post your code as @v-lai suggested. If not, that would depend if you are using any frameworks (you could make use of their classes). If you’re not using any frameworks then you could make use of flexbox.

If I understand your needs correctly, this would be an example of how it could be done.

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