What is the easiest way to build and maintain a simple website in 2020?

I need to make couple of simple company websites and a blog. My needs are very basic - site should be searchable in Google, be mobile friendly, look modern and be reasonably fast. It should have CMS to allow adding/updating new content (gallery, appending website, etc) for non-tech person.

I’m looking for value for time solution. The site should be fast to build and easy to maintain. I’m happy to pay subscription, buy specific hosting, apps or plugins if needed.

I did research in Google and it seems that website builders are now much better than they used to be than 2-3 years ago. Or they have very good marketing… I can code front of the site, but would like to avoid it if possible. Firstly it is too slow for what I need, secondly it is a side project, I just started React course and building static sites is not what excites me at the moment.

I would like to ask you - experienced programmers for advice, so that I won’t have to make uneducated guess.

This review site provides a reasonable overview of the main ones:

Website builders are the easiest way, but come at some cost and have certain limitations. But for most people most of the time, they’re a good option.

Thanks for the answer. I am more interested in the practical side of things - does the builders allow company staff to add content to the website? It is easy to build but is it easy to manage as well?

Or do I need to have WordPress or Joomla for this?

I am not an expert by any means. But I honestly think your best bet is Wordpress.

1-Pick a template
2-Change a few things like colors, logo, and adapt to your content.
3-Upload your own content
4-Great Success

Pretty much just by using a site builder.