What is the expected learning pathway here?

I completed first html part and half of the css part.
Are we just complete challenges and go on?

am I suppose to learn the the subjects on the challenges just like this?
Am I missing something?
(I’m trying to take my own notes and it takes ten times more than completing a actual challenge.)

is this the method and Pedagogical approach of all course untill the end?

or should I find additional resources on main subjects and assume here as a example center? And should I find corresponding cheat sheets and improvise after completing challenges?

thank you.

I believe the course implements an experiential learning pedagogical approach, or learning through experience rather than remembering and being able to recall the theory, subjects or topics.

Try blowing through the course until you hit a wall rather than practicing and remembering every single lesson (i.e. do not take notes. Only if you are trying to build something yourself or if you’ve hit a wall. Move fast until you get stuck.)

Upon hitting a wall, refer back to the course map or outside resources to pin-point the theory, subject or topic you need to brush up on. Take notes at this time if need be. The gaps in your learning will appear much faster to you this way than trying to learn every single thing carefully along the way.

It’s good if you can remember and master the challenges, but that will be slow. Since everything today moves fast, by the time you use what you’ve learned in the lessons, it will be outdated or irrelevant.


It may take longer but I find my retention for remembering the code is greater when I take notes, plus I have a reference to look back on if and when I forget a certain piece. Some good books I can recommend: Jon Ducketts Html&CSS and his Javascript&jQuery which are great refrences too look back on, Eloquent Javascript is pretty hard but ive heard great things about it, and headfirst Javascript is good. Im personally struggling through the JS section right now but I found Duckett and headfirst JS have helped me grasp the material better. One thing I did before moving on to the JS section is just to try and make my own webpages in codepen for my band and such. Have fun is key and practice what youve learned so you retain it

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Challenges could be completed using FCC lessons and linked resources alone, in theory, I suppose. The projects will definitely require you to seek out additional resources. Every project will push you further to do research, experimentation, and judgement calls on you own. This is a very important part of actually learning how to program. Having a vague goal and an even vaguer idea of how to achieve it is the daily life of a developer.