What is the future of JavaScript in in AI, VR and AR?

I was listening to the interview with Kevin Kelly former editor of Wired Magazine and he said websites are over which is pretty much already true we are already in the personalized websites Era with personalized Facebook pages, Medium pages, Linkedin pages.

There is already obvious shift from the desktop to the more interactive web with all upcoming sensors and huge popularity of AR and soon VR (when hardware becomes cheaper). Kelly also argues that bottom layer of the VR will be and already is AI, and that AI is bigger than the internet in terms of its consequences on the culture.

E.G. when you are in the Artificial world you want to track your movement and that requires AI and it is not only about having a bunch of sensors it is about being able to perceive you in this environment and understanding what are you doing also there are lots of tricks VR needs to do to fool you requires AI for example if you want to run through the world that is 1 mile long and there is no 1 mile long room you can kind of fool yourself because of VR can display when you think you are turning 90 degrees you may only turn 80 degrees so you are actually walking in the circle but you think you are walking in the straight line. Or you are climbing over something that is actually been there before but an AI can actually manipulate that environment so completely it gives you the illusion of the infinite space.

So obviously AI is enabling VR to be persuasive and to fool you into artificial presence.
That is just one of the waysAI is going to enable the many things we want to do with the computers, understanding videos and understanding things in general.

His arguments clarify the importance of the AI in the future for me personally and gives me kind of the picture about the importance of it. That is something that will also change the way we developers work and it is going to affect us somehow. I think it is something worth paying attention to and something that will pay off in the near future. So I was wondering where do you guys see JavaScript in the future will it adapt to the new environment or will we be forced to learn new languages?

@QuincyLarson I would love to hear your opinion about it!