What is the future of Svelte?

Can I use it now to create awesome web apps? Will there be a rise of popularity in the future? So far, I am playing around with it.

Scott Tolinski and Wes Bos at the Syntax podcast, both of whom are fairly on top of the latest technologies and their importance in the industry, are not sure about Svelte yet. However, Tolinksi seems to really love it, and there’s a lot of positive buzz about it. It seems like it would be a net positive to learn it if you’re not too strapped for time. I’m thinking about picking it up, even though it still feels like a bit of a gamble from an employability standpoint.

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Do you believe Svelte is ready to use in real world web applications? Is it a good choice to use it today?

Someone’s got to build a real-world web app with it then I guess. Much as I do like bleeding edge, I like a little proof a new idea for development actually does the job. Speaking as a graybeard, I’ve seen too many fads come and go (and plenty of good ideas die before their time, yes)

It’s really really nice, but has possibly come at the wrong time because I can’t currently see how it’s going to get mindshare ahead of React/Vue/Angular. Vue was in a similar situation a few years ago though, so maybe a few more years down the line…

I think if Svelte is actually on the money about making arbitrary JS reactive, it has a hell of a lot more applications than just front-end toolkits. It could pretty well redefine the language as we know it. Or just be a curiosity that no one uses, I’ve certainly seen those come and go.