What is the goal for a student of this course

I understand that this project curates information important for front and back end engineers. with beginner friendly content and finally more intermediate content, with a fair bit of projects in between.
but I don’t see a lot of discussion on how a student might get the most from the course. granted Im only just now starting the third section applied visual design. I have two burning questions.

First Should students be supplementing this curriculum with anything to flesh out concepts. Or is this meant meant to be relatively through and inclusive enough for “government work” is the expectation that you do your own research in tandem with the course.

Second really what is the goal say there are 6 certifications. which I gather are intended to be completed subsequently. what is the intention of the course, “you should know how to code?” “you should have the portfolio and nescesary skills to seek a job in xxx field” “you should have a beginning understanding and and a framwork for future study.”. Im not looking for any sort of promise just an understanding of the courses objective.


To answer your first question, yes! Of course! If the delivery of the content doesn’t cater to you, just look around until you understand the concept. I know I’ve googled (and still googling some more) about stuff I did not understand. It is either an error on my part, or a rule that isn’t in the scope of the language that I’m learning, thus, I can’t do anything about it for now. There are plenty more reasons. BUT, nothing can ever be a mystery if it’s proven to be done. And if you believe that it is important to your understanding of the concept, Google away!

To answer your second question, FCC was created to make learning code easier. The way you use what you learn is ultimately up to you. But that is what it’s there for. Should you want to learn code.

There is no way you’ll make it through all the challenges (or even get very far) without using additional sources of information and understanding. FCC phases out the hand-holding once the fundamentals are introduced. Learning how to search for and understand documentation, examples, and walk-throughs is a big part of your education. So is knowing when and how to come to this extremely supportive community for help.

If you complete the entire curriculum you will be able to build and deploy web applications from the ground up.

We’re here for different reasons. Some people are looking to start or advance their careers. Some people want to be able to build hobby projects. Some people want to get involved in donating time and expertise to open source nonprofits. Some people just recognize that understanding how software works is an important form of literacy in the modern world. Some people are teachers who want to bring the FCC curriculum to their students. Some of us are working web developers here to keep our skills sharp and to be part of a community.

Sorry it took so long to get back to these responses I just want too thank you both for getting back too me., thank you for your kind responses.