What is the meaning of a product design interview

I know that all FAANG companies have a system design interview, but I recently heard that Meta (formerly Facebook) has an interview called “Product Design Interview” which is asked for Full-Stack Engineers,
What is a product design interview, and how is it different from the system design interview?

I don’t work for Facebook, so I can’t tell you what their interview process is like.

Generally speaking, I would expect a “Product Design Interview” to look something along the lines of this:

  • Give you an example software product
  • Give you new requirements for a new feature, functionality change, etc
  • Ask you to describe how you would meet that requirement.

Now, depending on the focus of the interview, they could be primarily interested in a number of things. They could be interested in functional design: what changes the user would observe in the end product, how the software would behave in different situations, etc. They could be interested in UX design: how you will do this in a way that delights customers. They could be interested in technical design: how you would architect the feature.

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