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In the description of this challenge, I’m confused as to what the object is. below the sample code, it says “this is an array which contains one object inside”. so myMusic is an array and the code in the array altogether forms one object?

As you can see, I added another album record with several properties. Is this another object in the myMusic array? Or is myMusic an object in and of itself containing two arrays as its properties (with both arrays containing several ‘sub-properties’)?

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var myMusic = [
    "artist": "Billy Joel",
    "title": "Piano Man",
    "release_year": 1973,
    "formats": [ 
    "gold": true
  // Add record here
  "artist": "BROCKHAMPTON",
  "title": "SATURATION IV",
  release_year: 1977,
  "formats": [


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I just tested your code and it passes all the tests.

myMusic is an array which contains a single object (the Billy Joel album).

You added a second object to the myMusic array with various properties (formats is an array). You could even add other objects as value of other properties you add to each object in the myMusic array.

thank you! yes that’s what i was confused about. now i understand. thank you again sir