What is the proper way to create spacing and slightly move an element in CSS?

Here is the codepen: codepen
Codepen isn’t showing how it really looks…here is a screenshot: https://snipboard.io/PdMUVh.jpg

**I simply want to know how to slightly push down the text that saying leading you through the financial labyrinth, I don’t want it that high. I want it slightly off centered horizontally? **

My main problem is understanding how to customize the position of things. The concept of margins and responsiveness is confusing. Normally I would use margin top to push it down to where I want it or top bottom or translate x y.

sidenote: I hired a code mentor tutor… to help me with flexbox,spacing and positioning, He did some of the code and there was a lot of confusion along the way which made it harder for me to follow. Now there is a nuance I am totally missing.

There is nothing wrong with using margin and padding to do position adjustments.

There also isn’t a black and white answer to this as it depends on different factors, like the source structure, where the element is and where it needs to be, what layout methods are used and so on.

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There are usually several ways to do something, but the most straight forward in this case would be to make the top margin bigger on the <h1> and you could add a left margin to get it away from the edge.

As far as your code mentor, I’m not sure the best option is for him to be doing your code for you if you are trying to learn. He should be there for answering questions and nudging you in the right direction. If he is doing things that are causing you confusion and you can’t follow, then it sort of defeats the purpose of having a mentor. I would try to rely on him a little less, especially when it comes to writing code, and focus more on making sure you understand everything that is in your code.

If you are paying him hopefully he is available to answer any questions you have.

Not sure why he would code it for you, maybe show an example in code, but not actually code things for you. That defeats the most important part of learning, which is doing.

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I did but he wasn’t good at english…:frowning: used my last money trying to risk the biscuit. now I have to give up.

have you done the freecodecamp curriculum? it’s free, and it is a good place as any to start

and whenever you need help you can write in the forum