What is the scope of learning Microsoft dot net?

I want a answer for scope of dot net in future

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Please explain more

Hi @purnimah2k!

I don’t know what you have researched so far but there are some quora discussions that you could look into that might answer your question.


By “scope” I guess you mean “usefulness.”

Dotnet is a vast framework with a great many subsystems. New ones appear all the time. You can’t hope to learn it all, of course (unless you do nothing else with your life).

But knowing how to use it, and knowing how to look things up in it, is a great career booster. Why? Two reasons.

  1. Many companies use it in-house. They need people who know it.

  2. With dotnet core, its usefulness is expanding far beyond code that runs only on Windows. So your investment in dotnet skills can pay off in multiple ways.

How to learn it?

  1. Get yourself the community (free) edition of Visual Studio.

  2. If you can spare about US$60, get yourself the JetBrains “ReSharper” package.

  3. Work through some tutorials. At least one should be about a web site and a database.

  4. Concentrate on learning how to use its core collection classes (List, Dictionary, HashSet, that stuff. And learn about StringBuilder.

  5. Then learn what you need for each project / tutorial you do.

Keep in mind that enterprise users of software are most often on Windows machines. If you have a Windows laptop, you’ll be in their environment.