What is the tone of this community?

OK, so I’ve replied to this post: Advice for an average developer. That reply was my first participation on the forums.

Not 30 minutes after posting it, I’ve got a message saying that my post “was flagged as off-topic : the community feels it is not a good fit for the topic, as currently defined by the title and the first post.”

I have no qualms with people discussing the technical merits of anything I contribute, but I am entirely sure that what I posted was 100% on-topic.

So my question: is this one of those communities where contributions from new members are stack-overflown into oblivion like, say, Stack Overflow, by established members who abuse whatever self-moderation tools provided? Should I just walk away?


This question is probably best answered by directly replying to the moderator message you received.

The moderators here are pretty good and don’t abuse their power in an effort to suppress new members. This is a forum about helping new programmers, so we’re all about new members.

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Many thanks for your reply. What I’ve got was an automated message, so I don’t think replying to it will help, but I appreciate you providing me your view on this.

If there is one true goal for the FCC forums, community and moderators, it is to not turn into Stack Overflow or Reddit. At the same time we are human and can make mistakes.

I believe the mod (who was notified) should end up replying here, as I think it should be a public discussion and not a private one. So its easier to scrutinize the decisions made. :wink:

I believe the message sent to you is automated, but the actual act of flagging of posts and approving of said flags is not.


@fjmac I am the one who flagged the post as off-topic. The first couple of paragraphs seemed to be on-topic, but the rest (i.e the long code example) seemed to be more about writing code for a specific code use-case.

After reading the post again, I can see what your intent was and have re-listed the post. Sorry about the quick reflex of marking it as off-topic.


Many thanks for the response. If you believe it would be preferable to remove the example I can do that.

You can leave it in there.