What is user story 10 in tribute page project?

I am currently doing my first project for free code camp. But i am stuck… I have completed all the following user stories, but the test still says I have 9/10 passed… did I do something wrong?
link to the code: https://codepen.io/nianaz/pen/ZEybORb?editors=1100

if you click on the 9/10 you can see what you passed and what you didn’t, and below the failed user story an error message with more details


It’s actually about User Story #6:

Just add a

to your HTML.

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Hi, I just achieved 10. I had a hard time, however I completed it. You will do it too! https://codepen.io/luisangelmaciel/pen/jOwrYBJ

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HI @luisangelmaciel !

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This post is over 6 days old and the OP has already passed all of the tests.

If you want to share your project with the forum, then please create a new post in the #project-feedback section.


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