What is/was your learning approach when going through the courses?

Are you more concerned with getting a “general” understanding of a lesson and just jumping back and forth between them when you get to something challenging, or are you a “thorough” learner and try to understand everything as best as possible with each lesson?

I was just watching a YT video about a persons experience in the coding career field and he said something that got me thinking: it’s not necessarily about what you know, its about how fast you can learn and adapt to new languages. I’ve reflected on how I have been completing these courses so far and I think I’ve been doing a disservice to myself, I can easily lose hours and hours to a single lesson trying to understand it instead of just getting the gist of it and breezing through, and from what I understand this is not a feasible ethic in the professional environment where you are encouraged to use any available resources to refresh your memory on a thing and reference preexisting material. So if you’re applying to a company that uses language you’re not experienced with you might need to learn it on the fly.

My OTHER concern is my pace at learning. I recall reading somewhere the average time to complete the entire course is about ~9 months to a year, but I just got started mid-December and I’m just now getting to ES6. This may also be due to my more magnified approach at learning.

Hi @Kollyde !

I truly believe that all beginners should focus on creating a healthy foundation to build from.

Aim for basic understanding and continual practice through projects.

The difference here is that this a working professional that already has a base knowledge of how programming works.

Once you get a healthy base of programming then you will be able to learn other languages.

But if you are still struggling with the basics there will be no way you will be able to effectively learn different languages.

The goal is not to have total understanding but a basic understanding. If you are completely lost, then blowing through the concepts will not help.
But if you have a general understanding, then keep moving forward and you will have plenty of chances to practice the concepts.

When I enter a doctor’s office, I don’t ask my doctor how much they struggled with med school. I just want them to help me.

Ten years from now, when you are a successful senior developer somewhere, no one is going to ask you how long it took for you to complete FCC.

No one is going to care unless you constantly bring it up :grinning:

You have to think big picture.

Hope that helps!


thanks for your post.