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// Setup
var a;
a = 7;
var b;
// Only change code below this line
b = 7;
var a;
a = b;

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Challenge: Assigning the Value of One Variable to Another

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Why are you redeclaring a with var? You should never redeclare a variable. You don’t need that line.

And reread the line, “Assign the contents of a to variable b .” You have misunderstood the direction. (Granted, it is a little confusing.)


Stop reassigning a variable.
Check the example.
a is already defined. And the number should not be directly assigned to b.

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Thank you, I’m already making a mistake.
You need to do this:
war b;
b = a;

I’m not clear. Are you asking me or telling me?

If you are still having trouble, please post the complete code.

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