What is wrong with "Hi world"

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what is wrong with “Hi world”
// running tests
reusableFunction should output “Hi World” to the dev console
// tests completed
// console output
Heyya, World
Hi World

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// Example
function ourReusableFunction() {
  console.log("Heyya, World");


// Only change code below this line
function reusableFunction() {
    console.log("Hi World");


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looks like a bug


FCC had a update a few days ago, and that’s what is believed to be messing up any challenges when you have to console.log. This bug was already reported, so for now it looks like you have to skip the console.log challenges, unless they make a speedy fix.

try this for the answer to that problem:

console.log(console.log("Hi "+“World”));

should work for you

Do a search on the forum for this challenge and you will see this has already been reported as an issue on Github.

Instead of creating a hack to pass the challenge, simply skip this challenge and come back later when it is fixed.

Thank you all of guys. I need to mark a solution i did with the last one. @RandellDawson I plan to wait or skip no hack to pass. :slight_smile: