What is wrong with my form project

Hi everyone,
I am having problems with my survey form. I only passed 13/17 tests for the form survey and im not sure why. #2,4,10, 11 have failed but I have id="description in the div and p tags within my name box I have required within in the html for the name and email areas and I have placeholders for all of the different tags. Is this maybe a glitch?
Heres a link to my project:

For user story #2, both the description paragraph itself and the div wrapping it has id="description" assigned to them (ids have to be unique). That is also the problem for #4 and #10; you have multiple elements with the same id.

@Code_Camper Thank you for the input ill make the changes. Originally I had just the div element that contained the

tag with the “id=description” so i’m guessing since that didn’t pass the id need to only go in the

tag. Any idea about 11? there are placeholder in the different text boxes.

Sorry for the late reply. I’m not sure what you’ve done, but I just revisited the project and all the tests passed.

@Code_Camper No worries the advice you gave the first time helped me to look for what I needed to fix. I ended up removing the height from my button and adding the " display: inline-block;" element to the css that helped keep it within the form and scanned for any double ids that I had and moved a couple of things around to get it to pass. I appreciate the all the help!

No problem! Glad I could help.

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