What is your biggest fear about coding on your honest opinion

what is your biggest fear about coding from your perspective on this we like to help all together out and start to improve on this stuff and get better at this stuff

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Sometimes trivial, being able to fake executing simply by reading and sometimes mindnumbingly hard, getting stuck on toolchains, unexplicable errors, undefined behaviour or just hard to reproduce bugs.

So the short reply is that it’s fun. :wink:

It’s definitely complicated. Some of it is still hard.

It goes like this for me:

  1. Meeting with client, writes down all their requirements, listens to all their wants and needs
  2. Confidently. says… “oh yeah, no problem”
  3. Go back to my home office… sits down, looks at list — "I have no idea how to do some of these things."
    3a. Panic – I’m going to be discovered I’m a fraud. They’ll fire me. My family will go hungry, we’ll lose the house, we’ll start living in the streets.
    3b. Optional: Dry heaving or throwing up. (during my early startup days…)
  4. AltaVista search… (Google wasn’t around yet), Later Google
  5. More searching… books, bookstores
  6. Found some commands, library, framework or code snippet that may point me in right direction
  7. Play with code, experiment, make little test programs to verify it works, and I understand it
  8. Write my program, test, debug, repeat.
  9. Got it working. Yes!!!
  10. “Piece of cake… that was easy!”




Oh man do I know that feeling well. It’s funny when I make those promises I know deep down that the things I agree to are possible, and if they’re not possible in the exact 100% way they were envisioned, I know I can get damn close enough. Yet I still get that feeling of “Well I’ve just shot myself in the foot and I’ve got miles to walk before I’m home”. I think the main difference as I get older and learn more is that I can now let that feeling hit, do its thing, and then shelve it while I get to work. It’s still there of course, but I can ignore it better for the time being. Probably not the healthiest of coping mechanisms but, if it means being proactive quicker, I’ll take it.

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I think it really depends on what you’re coding and how well you know it. Take CSS for example, eventually you can learn it so it’s like the back of your hand. Maybe you don’t know every single concept but at the very least you have a jumping off point. Maybe one method you know leads you to one (that works perfectly for the situation) that you didn’t know before. Knowing it well gets you there that much faster.

Every language, no matter which, builds on itself. And even other languages build off of other languages. It’s nuts. But it’s also freaking cool. Also I think having a drive for what you’re learning, what you’re coding with, helps decrease some of that difficult feeling.

To me coding with something I’m not intimately familiar with is definitely hard (and you know I’ll still get caught up with stuff I do know well) and it might sound weird, but I like that it’s hard. I like that there’s a challenge around every bend as I learn. Coding is as frustrating as it is rewarding. You gain a sort of satisfaction from tackling problems head on and being resourceful (researching, asking questions, testing and failing and retesting). You can look back on the path you’ve taken and see all the things you thought were impossible to solve at that point in time. And maybe you figured them out and maybe you didn’t. Maybe now you can. And that’s awesome.

I’m finding it hard, but things I am going over again and again its starting to stick. I still find it hard, but its quicker coming to me when I think about it.

I think that a big part of what can make this overwhelming and ego-crushing is that we know it can be done (whatever “it” is). And so we think we should be able to Just Do It. Our brains are not good at saying “It can be done, but not easily.”

At work, I’m known to respond to any request with “I can do that. It’s just a matter of time and money.”

The hard part is what I sometimes have to say next: “I don’t think that it’s worth the time and money it would take to make work, but with unlimited time and money I can do it.”

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My biggest enemy is lack of focus. Once I got into this, it opened a HUGE can of worms. Learning to code is not that hard for me, and given enough time I can learn many things, however the key here is many things. Too many things. Right now, while continuing to learn JavaScript and building stuff, I’m simultaneously trying to learn the Firebase Authentication API, Vue.js, Bash, Python, reading up on blockchain tech and machine learning, speeding through countless articles about programming, perusing this forum and Quora, etc… There is never-ending information to know and learn. I need to step back and focus. All this on top of a full-time job (not tech-related) and other endeavours - I have days where my brain stops working. I must remind myself to focus on fewer things. I am not a machine.


If you think its easy, you are either an idiot or a genius.

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This is my issue too, too many things grab my attention and then I click on that link or watch a video that sends me spiralling down a rabbit hole of new and exciting things.

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thank you for your help can we work together on this freecodecamp thing

How far are you on the map?

not that far just a way to go