What is your opinion on my quote generator?

Hello codecampers,

I’d love to hear some feedback on the worst quote generator ever. Any ideas how to improve it? Maybe change the generated quotes? :slight_smile:

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Great functionality.
Great design.
A good laugh.

I found this page very humorous, even as a Trump supporter. I think that you put a great twist on the project that a lot of people will appreciate. The only thing I would worry about is offending people. :wink:

An interesting take. Well done. My only comments would be:

  1. I’d have some kind of data validation on the text. Right now it happily accepts a blank string.
  2. And a personal pet peeve of mine - I’d round the corners on that display box. To me, sharp corners like that are a little harsh, even rounding them a few px can have a subliminal effect.

thanks for the flowers :slight_smile: Happy to hear you like it. Well, that you are/were a trump supporter is a thing which should be discussed further.

thanks, that is really good feedback. ad 1: yes, data validation would be a very good nice to have. ad 2: well, I make them round for you :slight_smile: