What is your opinion on Stack Exchange?

I feel like the community there is too harsh to newcomers.

StackOverflow already has a LOT of questions, and answers. I personally have never felt the need to ask my own questions. I tend to believe that if I do not find any question like mine on SE, then the problem is actually not the one I think I am experiencing, thus evaluating the problem itself again.

Once you will have read hundreds of questions, thousands of answers, I would recommend to first post a good answer.
Indeed, with experience, you may finally find the answers already provided to a problem are not satisfactory, and reading the code itself (of the plugin you are working on, for example), you have developed a better one: share it!

I also find it very useful but never actually post questions. If I can’t find an answer to my problem, it’s usually super-specific and StackOverflow can’t help. I had been coding for about six years before I even created an account.