What kind of "job" can i have after finishing FCC?

I"m enjoying developing and discovering how the stuff i’ve been using for years is built ! that’s sure !!
But am i going have fun “working” as a developer ?

Can anyone who’ve finished FCC and got a job tell us how is it ? is it fun ?

A job is still a job. Unless you start you own company doing the development you want to do, chances are you’re going to wind up bored and/or frustrated at times. That’s just the nature of working for someone else.

If you enjoy coding then you’re likely to have better days than otherwise, but it’s not going to be all sunshine and rainbows because nothing is all sunshine and rainbows.

I’m sure that’s not what you wanted to hear but when it comes to building a career I think reality is better than naive optimism.


I’ve had several front-end web/design positions and it totally depends on the company and your fit there. There are places that will encourage innovation and learning and creativity, and if those are things that get your juices going, it’ll be a nice experience overall.

Some web development jobs can be a total grind where you learn a set of tasks and basically iterate over some slightly different variation of the loop from project to project. I think some people are more comfortable with that. Those can still be fun in the beginning because you are learning something, but that wears off after you understand what you’re doing and it becomes rote.