What kind of knowledge I need to have in order to create an online hotel registration from?

I have been dabbling with this idea for a long time.

I want to create an online form for documenting a small hotel’s guests’ info.

Like their name, id number, what kind of room they are in, how much they paid etc.

I know the front end part should be easy, just a bootstrap form, but how does the backend goes? What kind of tools I need to use? To handle submitted data, this is more leaning towards backend right?

For the backend, you’d need to

  • Make an endpoint that the forum sends data to
  • Parse the incoming data
  • Add the data to a database
    ** You’d likely want an Object Relational Mapper (ORM) for your database. For MongoDB, you can use Mongoose. For everything else there’s Sequelize.
  • Make an endpoint to access your stored data. You’ll want to be able to send query parameters to this endpoint to make your search more robust.
  • I would advise you have some form of authentication. This will actually be the hardest part, but you could give every guest a temporary code to log in with and let it expire after 7, 30, 60 days or whenever. Without this, you’re opening your system up to lots of false input from malicious parties. I wouldn’t consider this a security risk so much as just annoying.

All told, it’s not a terribly difficult thing to implement. This may seem like a lot, but I had to stretch to think of what else to add. Depending on how the hotel stores their invoices, it’d even be reasonably easy to fetch the customer’s data for them so they don’t have to manually add details like the dates of their stay, room number, etc.

Could you elaborate about this part? I don’t quite understand. :confused:

So, ideally this hotel would have their customer data in a database somewhere. It would then be possible to access the customer’s data in your application.

It’s just a thought. Not a crucial part of what you’re imagining.

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I see. Thanks for all the info!

I might try out this project after I read through and understand all of the YDKJS books.

FCC’s approach isn’t really for me…