What kind of links should I put in the attribute "action"

I know that the action attribute is supposed to include the link you will see the answer of the user on, but where should the link be to?
Thank you!

It is the place to which you are submitting the form.

Yes but what should the place be? Like anothee website for example or what?

It’s going to be another page made to accept that form data. It might be something you create on this site or it might be elsewhere. I haven’t done a lot of form work in html, preferring to handle the submission myself in JS. If you want to know more, I’d look into some tutorials.

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What do you mean by “a site that can accept that form of data”?

Again, I don’t use it much. You could set up a page or a server there. I would read about it in the docs and maybe take a look at some tutorials where they actually construct a form and show how to use it.

Ok thank you so much!

For an example, when I was learning the framework django, you’d pass a url of your own creation to the action attribute of the form, the framework routes the url & form data to a function you’ve written in python which handles the data, often some kind of code/logic to save it to a database

I see. But I don’t know any of these, so what do you suggest I do? And by the way I am doing this for the project

the freecodecamp project? or you are given the url to use, or there is not an action requirement

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Yes the freecodecamp project and no there is no requirement

don’t stress about it for these early projects, they just want us to get familiar with the html side of the forms. In the “challenges” and projects they suggest what url to use- and it’s a dead one, that doesn’t do anything with the data.


Ok then thank you!!!

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