What kind of materials need for programming?

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Challenge: Say Hello to HTML Elements

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Hey @ofashion52 ,

Change the text in the h1 element to "Hello World "

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Your post has the title of “What kind of materials need for programming?”

Is that the question you are trying to ask? Can you clarify what you mean by “materials”?

If you mean books and such, then you don’t really need this - we tend to rely on online sources (google, stack overflow, mdn, the docs, blogs, etc.) Videos (either free on youtube or paid through some platform) can be useful too.

he meant by what things do i need to prepare and start programming.

How do you know this? There is very little information provided in the original post.

actually i think he wasn’t showing the code at all.
he was just asking a question.

I don’t see any way you could know that. They posted buggy code that wasn’t passing the challenge, so they certainly could be asking for help with it. :man_shrugging: How about we let OP speak for themselves instead of you asserting that they mean.