What kind of projects I need to make to get a job interview with no education

Hey I am a High-School graduate and I heard I can get a job as a web developer self taught with no education, so I am asking is anyone here working as a computer engineer without any education and just self taught? and If you were what kind of projects did you put in your resume? Do you guys think I would get a job self taught if I had some good projects? if so what do you think it will be to get a job interview?

It’s possible to get a job without a college degree, but keep in mind that your competition for getting a job are people with a four year degree. So you’re starting the journey at a disadvantage. That doesnt mean you cant do it, but it will take more work

I would stay away from project like the todo app, calculator, etc. they are good beginner projects, but they are not good enough to set you apart from the 1000000 other projects just like that.

Find something you’re interested in or passionate and make a project around that. The more you are passionate about the topic then the more effort you are going to put into that project. Look at your local community, do see a need for a project that would be beneficial, or look at local stores and check out their websites and see if you can improve on it.

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Are you from the US? The market isn’t junior friendly for you over there right now, even college degrees are struggling. The low interest rate times are over. Plus there was a change in tax rules that forces companies to write off the costs for a developer over five years, when it was one year before.

Even when the field improves: Without some degree or certification it can be hard to pass HR and management, you’ll be simply sorted out by AI in many cases. If college is out of question, get at least some certification (IBM, Meta, Google) in addition to your sample work in your portfolio.

The boom is over, the harmful marketing painting a wrong picture of our profession is still alive, don’t fall for it. Good news is that you’ll find a job if you really want to be a software developer, you just have to play by the rules.