What kinds of programming skills would a web developer or a python developer need to have with zero work experience and no bachelors degree in computer science?

What level of programming skills are you expected to have at your first programming job if you have zero work experience?

It would be if u have any hobby or skill by nature.

As someone who recently got an entry level job, I’d say it’s the following:

  1. Programming basics
    By basic, I mean knowing things like how to do loops, how to write a function of a decent size, and properly name variables and functions. A firm understanding of the basic data structure, e.g. array, object…etc, and when to use which are also important.

  2. Problem solving skills
    Continue from the previous point; programming languages, libraries, and frameworks are powerful, but at the end of the day they’re all just tools. Your problem solving skills are what bring these tools to their full potential. You should be able to break a problem down into smaller pieces, and implement them in code.

  3. The will and ability to learn things, and learn them fast
    For an entry level job, usually you’re not expected to know much; you just need to show that you’re willing to learn, and able to pick things up quick. A good foundation in programming basics plays an important role in this.

  4. RTFM
    A valuable skill that can potentially save you hours of debugging and/or trying hacky things.

  5. Googling skills
    As a developer, knowing everything is both unnecessary and impossible; however, you do need to know how and where to find what you need.


Also: knowing to how read & understand code that you didn’t write. The proliferation of open-source projects on GitHub make this easy to do.

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