What language is used to submit a form to my website email?

I’m building a portfolio page now that will have my links to my only project/app. I hope to have a 2nd one in a week or two. I have a website built with WordPress but I will be adding the portfolio pages as HTML pages in my root directory.

So I do have an email address, but I won’t have access to the form plugin I use for the main site. What language do I use to submit the form data to my website email? PHP? I know Brad Traversy has a video on building a PHP form. Is that how it is done? Do I need to think about anything else like security?

You need a backend scripting language for this. Especially with WordPress PHP is a suitable option.


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Got it. I’ll check out the Traversy video on a PHP contact form. I’ll be putting a contact form on my portfolio page, that will be associated with my domain, but it will be alongside my WordPress install so I won’t be using any of the files in my WP install.

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