What languages & courses to do for a web developer

Hey, I recently started python from the freecodecamp youtube channel and was wondering what languages should i learn & also what extra courses should i do to become a good web/app/game developer. Right now i am 16, i can dedicate atleast 2-3 hours coding and i desire to be a web/app/game developer.

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I would focus on learning programming basics and the three core languages for the web. (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

You can start with the freeCodeCamp curriculum

The first six certifications cover Full stack JavaScript.
More specifically the MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) stack.

The other four certifications cover python.

I would just focus on learning and building tons of projects right now.

Hope that helps!

And can you link the required youtube video’s for all the 4 courses cause i see so many javascript,html and css videos on the youtube channel.

There are no required youtube videos.

The youtube videos are there for extra practice if you want.

The youtube channel also covers other topics that are not in the core curriculum like other languages (C, C++, PHP, etc) and other libraries.

But for now, learn the basics and focus on one area like web dev.

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