What languages is this template created in?

Hi, I’m Ali, and I want to learn how to program a template from Blogger templates. I’m also interested in learning how to create a blog like this blog. Can you help me?

I mean what languages should I learn in order to be able to program templates like this and create a control panel like this : template

the link Template: moneysite30.com

Welcome to the forum!

If you want to create a template by yourself, you can do this with many languages: JavaScript through React or Next.js, Java, Python, PHP.

According the Chrome extension “Wappalyzer” Blogger uses a mix of Python and Java. PHP is beginner friendly and would be your choice if you target the WordPress market.

Building a blog is a typical beginner tutorial. Best try tutorials in all languages above and you will see which suits you best.

Looks like it’s Arabic.

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