What languages would you need to develop a pendulum web app?

Hi all,

Once again, can’t say thanks enough for all the great help through the forums. I’m looking to develop a (simple? maybe not?) web app, where the user loads a webpage with just a pendulum and a stick, and the user can “grab” the stick and hit the pendulum, with the pendulum reacting as realistically as possible. (If a “physics engine” to calculate real interactions like gravity is too complicated, then I’d just be looking to move the pendulum along a pre-defined path with a speed proportional to the force it was struck with).


Can anyone tell me what the easiest/best languages would be to build something like this, and if anyone knows of template code / instruction that covers something with similar properties? E.g. the idea of an object that can “hit” another object and generate a reaction?

Any thoughts, ideas, or help much appreciated, cheers!


I think if you combine these videos

and make some extra study about it, you might figure it out.

JavaScript could be the language for this.

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Thanks! That’s amazing thanks!

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the Khan Academy programming courses cover this too, there the library used is ProcessingJS

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