What laptops do you use?

Lightly used 2011 MacBook Pro recently upgraded with an SSD and maxed out ram that I picked up cheap. I want a new machine, but I feel real, physical pain when I try to open my wallet.

The crappiest dell ever. I love it. It costed me £169, It did not even have Windows 10. Just ubuntu, which is ok but I preffer the speed of stock manjaro with xfce and the great arch repositories with a lot of very updated software.

I would love to have a nice 13" lappie somedays. I dont dislike macs, I bought my gf an imac and it is really well done.

MacBook Air 8 ram, 256ssd - bought it a month ago and love it. Always worked with Win and the difference in UX is tremendous

I use the 2017 MacBook pro (without the touch bar) that I have bought about 4 months ago. It is my first MacBook. Decided to treat my self after using my old laptop for the last 7 years (it was dell Inspiron). Expensive but I absolutely love it. Have always been a window user and I don’t regret one-bit switching to Mac

i am currenty using lenevo ideapad 320E 80XH01GKIN WHICH HAS 4GB DDR4 RAM 1TV hard drive with windows 10