What leads to best career?

Looking for advice from programmers who have been employed for a while…
I have basic programming skills but nothing refined.
I am currently unemployed and tapping into savings.
I see there are many possible courses available for free here, but I am having trouble deciding which route to go…
I am specifically interested in Web 3.0, Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, app development, VR/Metaverse stuff…
Which one of these is most in demand and most likely to get me hired?
I would like to land a steady income livable wage so that I can also work on my own creative projects on the side.
Currently just keeping my head above the water…
Thanks in advance!

The number of actual real usecases for any of the things you mention related to crypto can probably be counted in one hand, if that. And “web 3.0” isn’t anything beyond a buzzword and some ideas for currently-fictional applications. So I would strongly suggest that if you’re looking for a steady livable income none of these things will provide that unless you get extremely lucky. Whereas developer jobs that involve working with technologies that exist and are useful tend to pay quite well.

App development tends to pay well. VR stuff possibly does, but there isn’t a huge market for it atm (I don’t know much about it, just going off jobs advertised; thinking about it there’s probably a load of engineering/medical/science applications, same with AR, so probably a fair few jobs, quite specialised though)

Your on the web right now, companies need the web, almost everyone can access the web, almost every device can connect to the web.

Web related jobs are where the growth is. The pandemic is also a driving force for increased web usage, which ultimately accelerated trends that already started. Don’t take my word for it, take the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Sure the headlines are filled with fancy buzzword tech, but none of them are as solid as what is “web 2.0”. Web 3.0 is just a buzzword for an idea.

Sure App Development is another route, however mobile app development is difficult due to most people using only a few apps on their phone, let alone pay for any of them.

The web on the other hand is everywhere. As such it is still in demand, and can get you a job.

However, this doesn’t mean jobs are just laying on the floor for anyone to pick up. It also doesn’t mean its easy or a fanciful work from home as a freelancer kind of job either. A job is a job, it may pay well, but it also requires work and effort to get to a point where you can get paid at all.

The web is global, which also means jobs can be global, this is especially true for remote work. Its one thing to get the job over a few other people, its another to compete against all applicates from around the world.

Because of that it requires hard work and dedication to get a job in the field. This goes for many fields, few that pay well are just hiring anyone.

FreeCodeCamp is free, but it still “costs” time, and effort, but thats it. I usually say it only takes time, grit and an internet connection to learn this stuff, and such has held. Just make sure you want to commit and will commit to learning this stuff, and it is what you ultimately want to do.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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Thanks a lot for sharing this tips here. I’m super excited.

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