What learning material would you buy with £1,000 budget?

I’ve been given 1,000GBP (1,275USD) which is only available to spend on learning material. How would you spend it?

Bonus points for a single course that comes close to this number as opposed to 20 different Udemy courses that are £10 each, but any suggestions are welcome!

In what context? Can you spread it? 8s there a time limit? What are the constraints? What do you want/need to learn? Can you spend the money and then claim it back or do you have to request something is purchased for you (latter means you’ll be massively overcharged for everything, so it makes spending the cash easier)? You’d be hard pressed to find any single thing (course-wise) that is genuinely worth spending that much money on in one go. The answer is normally always “buy a laptop” if it isn’t a job training allowance and you can swing it

Hey StevieCF,

I get what you mean.
Nice investment on your part.
I don’t have yet the means to invest in https://www.jabjabjavascript.com/ but looking at the testimonies from students that have gone through it, it will be worth your money.
He gives a 45 days return policy just in case you’re not satisfied with the material.
That is insanely 15 days more than the usual 30 days refund policy.
The price is less than 500 USD.
Hopefully the suggestion will be helpful.

I’m able to use up to £1,000 for any learning material that I can prove will make me more employable, there is an unknown time limit, if I had to guess, March is the time limit as it’s the end of the fiscal quarter and this is likely money they are trying to spend before it’s taxed.

I don’t need to request that it’s purchased for me, I will be given the money to make the purchase and I will have to show proof.

" You’d be hard pressed to find any single thing (course-wise)" I agree, it was optimistic on my part.

Ah, I see. Is this via your job, or is it education-related? Also what do you want to aim for learning-wise, is there any area you want to look at especially?

(also, thinking about it, I might be slightly off base with single useful courses being hard to find, because a well regarded certification might be worthwhile and does cost quite a bit. But if that comes via a college/university then that’s a fairly long-term commitment, whereas commercial certifications (MS/Oracle/etc/etc) are highly job-specific and IMO aren’t really worth doing unless it’s to ensure you get a specific position within an organisation.)

edit Aaaalso having that amount of free cash that has to be spent would allow you to grab a few canonical CS/Software Eng/Programming books that would likely be useful for the rest of your career but are often stupidly expensive

edit edit And the reason I said “buy a laptop” is that it can normally be justified in multiple ways (“I want to learn linux system administration, I need something to learn it on”, “I want to learn pentesting, I want an isolated system I can use to learn it on”, “I want to learn graphics programming, I need a computer with x y z to efficiently run a b c” etc)

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I would not recommend this overpriced course. I’ve looked into this and the guy won’t give exact details on how long the course is. He hypes up his course using typical marketing bullshit to gain peoples appeal and spams your email hoping you will sink hundreds of dollars into his course.

I would recommend Udemy courses over this guy and where there are good quality courses for a fraction of the price.


I am even thinking of getting the course myself.

I want to buy this course but I am dubious… If only there was a way to preview it!?!