What level of codepen subscription do I need to buy?

Two questions that are very related and will help me to decide what level of codepen I would need for freeCodeCamp.

First, I am getting closer and closer to the point where I will need to sign up with codepen, so that I can get certification for my course. I do not currently have a job right now, so what is the minimum subscription needed for evaluation purposes (not for long term portfolio)?

Secondly, when I go to codepen, I see that there is a free tier. One the one hand it says “Unlimited public Pens, Posts, and Collections” but on the other it says “1 project with 10 files”. Since most of you have a codepen, what does that actually mean?

You can do the projects using a free codepen account. The public pens are good enough for the curriculum projects.

Codepen also offers “Projects”. These resemble an actual development setup, with files for HTML, CSS, JS, etc. Since you can add files, a Codepen project can have multiple HTML/CSS/JS files (so you can have a multi-page project, etc).